The Envisioner

Class: Knight

Origin Story

A Better World.

Everyone said he was crazy. They thought his ideas and visions were nonsense. But really, they feared what he could see.

They feared his visions were true and that if they didn’t push themselves harder, they would lose all that they had. It’s no wonder he left Earth to discover who he was meant to be.

The Envisioner was born with a gift, one that would take him decades to discover how to harness. But once he did, he led a movement behind one of his visions — a world where everyone strives to unleash their potential.

After years in the trenches leading teams of special forces on secretive missions, The Envisioner settled on the planet Caytera, a place he had come to love for its modern architecture and connection with the planet’s natural raw beauty.

He now leads X-Team, the protectors of the universe, helping to keep peace and protect the freedom of all beings to unleash and bring about good in the world.

Home Planet


Caytera is home to no more than 1,000 beings, most of whom are immigrants from other planets in search of a place of peace and serenity. The diverse population has brought a wide range of architectural influences, all centered around designs that promote tranquility. The planet is mostly green, filled with sporadic bodies of water -- enough to support the small population.