Class: Ranger

Origin Story

Endlessly Curious.

Omni, as his name implies, is about everything combined; his biggest passions are to learn new things and to find unexpected combinations of skills that will provide the best value for the task at hand. He always brings right tools for the job, and is endlessly curious.

He was born on Planet Arei, one of the most beautiful planets in the galaxy. Arei was once tortured by countless conflicts, which made combat one of the main disciplines there, even though it has established world peace at this point.

Omni never enjoyed regular combat, due to it being too up close and personal, that’s why he chose a ranged weapon, that allowed him to utilise his knowledge of the land and nature more than anything else. But he also received a traditional lightsaber training as everyone else did on Arei, as a backup.

As his own planet recovered from years of conflict, Omni studied old battlefields and ruins of ancient civilizations, swallowed by the wars he never knew took place. And the more he studied, the more he wanted to prevent that from happening ever again. He wanted for people to live in harmony with nature and each other, so he joined X-Team to share his knowledge and aid those in dire need of help.

Home Planet


Arei is a planet of vast green fields, where local architecture adapts to the landscape, adding to the overall feel of openness and symbiosis with the natural landscape. Cities are few and far between, but all of them have their own unique vibe to them, making travel one of the most interesting activities for visitors of Arei.

Combat skills are still an important part of the local culture. These days, they're mostly a tradition, honored in many events and competitions across the planet.