Class: Knight

Origin Story

The Truth Seeker

Mystic, an orphan as a child, was left to his own devices long before he can remember. To prevent the same fate happening to others, he chose to become a man of action. A truth seeker. His journey began when he met a wise elder on the planet Atera.

The Greybeard elder taught him of the old ways and this led him to study the Ancient Scripts Of Knowledge. After many years, he became a master of mystical powers and dove deep into the quantum world.

Mystic is continually seeking to become an absolute master of his craft. Not for himself but for the world, to save it from the evil lurking in the shadows. For that reason, he decided he will answer the call put forth by the X. He has become the hero the world needs him to be.

Home Planet


Atera is a volcanic planet with harsh conditions that make it nearly inhabitable. Since it's so inaccessible, all of the ancient knowledge is stored deep below the ground in massive libraries filled with ancient scrolls. The elders sent Mystic to start his study within one of those hidden and forgotten libraries. This has become Mystic's home, and it is there where he masters his powers.