Class: Knight

Origin Story

The Knowledge Seeker

Even though Metron is not a god, he has demonstrated numerous god-like abilities somewhat inconsistently throughout his history. Metron is a super genius who has been exploring the universe and gained a vast amount of knowledge. Although he believes that there is still infinitely more knowledge to gain, hence his journey still lasts.

Metron travels in his flying Aeron Chair, which enables him to travel through time, outer space, and other dimensions. Not many are aware that the true source of his power comes from a great support of his partner - Hawkfire - one of a kind, a wonder woman. They are inseparable and travel together most of the time.

Home Planet


Although Metron is exploring the universe most of the time, he never forgets about his home planet - Kustora. A place of peace and silence, where Metron and Hawkfire can regain their energy and ease their minds. A place full of natural wonders - green forests, deep blue lakes and long paths to explore.