Class: Knight

Origin Story

The Injustice Fighter

Tough, persistent, curious, a strong believer in the ancient wisdom and avid to learn new things, Hammerizer goes far away to fulfill his goals. While traveling through the universe, he realised that his origin planet made him stronger than average and so he now dedicates his time supporting the helpless and fighting against injustices.

The material of his armor comes from his planet, a very specific kind of material that can be found only there and allow him to be a matter bender.

He lives on the star Hauphus, a chaotic place above ground and beautiful world in the ocean deep. There are no records of his civilization's origins, they are a rustic kind that seem to live forever. The ancients, when fulfilled of their duties, go to the surface to meditate, in the middle of the storms and chaos, and the tales say that they become stone and rest there for eternity.

The brave and young Hauphusians aren't afraid of anything, nor the storms or the giant beasts. As part of the culture, they often leave the underwater cities to explore oceans and the surface, searching for the precious and rare stones that they use to build magnificent things. But just a tiny fraction of these do survive, and even less are able to develop matter bender powers.

Home Planet


Hauphus is a giant star, the atmosphere is filled with clouds and monstrous storms, the surface is irregular with very tall mountains and profound cliffs, the air so dense and chaotic that it is nearly impossible to live there, and because of that the population lives in the ocean deep.

There are great cities under water, each incredibly well built and look carefully handcrafted. The cities are connected to each other with tunnels and halls but offer no digital technology at all.