Class: Knight

Origin Story

Empathy Above All

Cronos, born on Titania, embodies the value of empathy. He tries to understand every aspect of the situation before doing anything. Everyone has their reasons for their actions, so he seeks ways to resolve conflicts and help others improve themselves.

He always tries to help everyone around him to be better every day, including himself.

A master swordsman, Chronos trained with the legendary Samurai of Titania. He is famous today to be the most skilled swordsman on Titania.

In his path to support his planet and the universe, he joined X-Team to contribute to a better future for all.

Home Planet


95% ocean and 5% land, Titania is also incredibly flat on the little land it has. Its highest altitude is a mere 4 meters. Transportation on the planet is primarily over water or via the air, as it's almost impossible to use a land vehicle.

Due to the lack of land, the Titanians have discovered innovative methods to cultivate food. Its inhabitants have also been obsessed for millennia on mastering the art of combat sports and sword fighting.

They are citizens of the universe and try to learn more about the world around them to find new ways to contribute to the greater good.