Should I use Wordpress for my project?

Wordpress is arguably the single best-known content management system (CMS) in existence. Some statistics put its use at a whopping 28% of the web, as it powers hobby blogs, gigantic news sites, and everything in between. It offers easily customizable designs, it is built to be SEO friendly, responsive by default, high-performance, and highly secure. And if the defaults are not sufficient, there are over 45,000 plugins out there that cover most any need you may have.

Due to its high popularity, Wordpress users are advised to keep their installations always up to date, as older versions are often targets of hacking attempts.

There are benefits to rolling your own flavor of Wordpress, however. Since it is built with PHP, Wordpress is easy to extend, change, and adapt for innumerable use cases. These additions mostly take form of Themes or Plugins, but it could go even deeper than that.

There are also several mobile applications available that connect to existing Wordpress installations and allow for basic tasks like article and comment management, checking statistics, etc.

Being simple PHP, Wordpress can be used on just about any modern web server. It also requires an SQL database to save its data in. Once both the web and database servers are available, the installation itself takes only a few minutes.


Whether you are already using Wordpress and simply need help developing a theme or a plugin for it, or perhaps customizing it at the core, or if you are still just considering your options, our Wordpress experts would be happy to stand by your side and help you make the best out of this opportunity. After all, the only thing better than having a web presence built with a world-class CMS is having a web presence built with a world-class CMS and supported by a world-class team.

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  • Jedrzej Kurylo
  • Jedrzej Kurylo
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  • Diego Seghezzo
  • worked with FOX Broadcasting for X-Team since 2014.
  • specializes in PHP, WordPress and MongoDB.
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  • Piotr Pasich
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  • specializes in WordPress, PHP, Symfony, Blockchain, AWS and Docker.

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