What is Symfony?

Symfony is a free back end PHP web app framework released by Fabien Potencier in 2005.

Who manages Symfony?

Symfony is currently developed by SensioLabs with contributions from hundreds of other independent engineers.

Who uses Symfony?

Symfony has gained notable traction since it’s release and is currently in use on several sections of Yahoo! and TED’s homepage.

Is Symfony portable?

Many components of Symfony have been tweaked and ported for use in other popular PHP frameworks including Drupal, Laravel and Magento.

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Top Symfony Developers of June 2017

Hire dedicated Symfony developers who are motivated to always be growing and moving forward.
Check out how a few of our Symfony programmers have grown recently:

  • Piotr Pasich
  • Piotr Pasich
  • gave a talk called "How to write apps using Event Sourcing and CQRS" at PHPers Silesia.
  • published an article on SitePoint called "Basic TDD with PHPSpec."
  • streamed his 29th Symfony session on
  • Jedrzej Kurylo
  • Jedrzej Kurylo
  • attended Dutch PHP Conference in Amsterdam.
  • reached 14,000 reputation points on StackOverflow.
  • attended You Gotta Love Front-end Conference in Tel Aviv.
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Why we love Symfony

  1. I’m a backend developer and Symfony is great for handling business logic in code. You can easily write clear code with all design patterns. The framework helps a lot with maintaining and developing an application quickly.

    Piotr Pasich Poland
  2. Symfony is one of the most flexible frameworks out there. It is also a very stable and well developed framework. There is a lot of good solutions in out there for delivering testable applications.

    Kamil Ronewicz Poland

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