Even a decade ago, working remotely was something that was considered weird, unprofessional. People often presumed that those who say that they are working remotely are really slackers, spending their days drinking coctails on beaches and really not doing anything else. Others thought that working remotely leads to a lower quality of work, worse accountability, and a generally low level of reliability.

Not today, though. With the prerequisite infrastructure being built all over the planet, and with more and more work being location-independent, working remotely has become a realistic and reliable choice.

Even more, at X-Team, we have turned remote work into a way of life.

High Expectations

All of X-Team is remote, from the CEO to the most recent hire. The whole company is run through several tools, at the center of which is Slack with several custom-built integrations and bots. There is only one way we can do this and keep up our cohesion and quality — a huge part of our recruitment process is discovering culture fit for remote work. A person can be an outstanding software engineer, but they cannot fall short on the 3 core characteristics of a good remote work partner...


There can be absolutely no surprise breaks in communication. We specifically screen for people who show great communication skills. They have to be open to regular check-ins and proactive when it comes to letting the client know what they are working on at the moment, about any issues they might be experiencing, or about anything else that might impact their performance.

But we do not just rely on unstructured communication. All X-Teamers keep work journals, in which they detail their progress, issues, thoughts, and anything else pertaining to their projects. This journal is updated daily and always accessible to our clients, so they can see exactly what the current work-status is, even beyond just the client's internal ticket/issue tracking system.


X-Teamers are experienced professionals who know how to give realistic estimates and live up to them, and, should that turn out to be impossible due to some unforeseen complication, you will be kept in the loop throughout the problem-solving process.

Furthermore, despite the fact that they might be in a very different time zone from your team, our developers will join that stand-up, be it 3 AM or PM. We know only one timezone, and that is our client's.

Barring exceptional cases, our developers will also schedule their vacations at least a month in advance, so you have nothing to worry about.


Be it as a leader or member of a team, X-Teamers play extremely well with others. There are constant trainings and events within X-Team which facilitate the developers' cooperation and leadership skills, and with us preselecting for people that are excellent teamplayers in the first place, you will get a very good new teammate.

Our remote developers are also happy to hop on a plane and fly out to wherever your office might be located to meet you and your team and work there for a period of time to crush that last sprint.


While you may still be a bit reserved about taking remote developers on to your team, we encourage you to contact us and simply talk to us. We promise we will assuage your doubts and provide you with the best bunch of developers you can get.

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X-Team is a development company of motivated Remote developers, programmers, engineers and coders from around the world. We provide our top freelance Remote developers to help companies scale their development teams.

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Since 2006, the world’s leading brands have turned
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Our Partner Benefits.

We’ve built partnerships with leading brands that have lasted nearly a decade thanks to the level of care & attention we provide.

  • Dedicated Team.

    A full-time, scaleable team of trusted developers.

  • Motivated Developers.

    Developers are given perks to help them learn, grow and stay healthy.

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    Dedicated account manager, available any time.

  • Flexible Contract.

    Flexible contracts with simple monthly billing.



X-Team helped Kaplan open opportunities for institutional testing that were previously impossible.

All the X-Teamers who worked on our team brought something unique to the table.

Danielle Chircop


X-Team helped FOX develop the website for one of America’s largest TV networks on a modern publishing platform.


FOX Broadcasting

Top Remote Developers of October 2020

Hire dedicated Remote developers who are motivated to always be growing and moving forward.
Get a feel for the X-Team network by checking out these top Remote programmers:

  • Michal Nawrot
  • Michal Nawrot
  • worked with Riot Games for X-Team since 2014.
  • specializes in React + Redux, React Native, Node.js Kafka and MongoDB.
  • spoke at UnleashConf 2017, the official X-Team conference.
  • Mat Spiewak
  • Mat Spiewak
  • worked with FOX Broadcasting on FOX.com since 2013.
  • specializes in React + Redux, Node.js and CSS Modules.
  • attended ReactEurope in Paris with 15 other X-Teamers.
  • Szymon Michalak
  • Szymon Michalak
  • worked with X-Team's Fortune 500 partners since 2015.
  • specializes in React + Redux, Vue.js, and Node.js.
  • spoke at UnleashConf 2017, the official X-Team conference, about Vue.js.

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