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  • Gianluca Esposito
  • Gianluca Esposito
  • completed "Building React Applications with Idiomatic Redux" course on Egghead.
  • attended ReactEurope in Paris with 10 other X-Teamers.
  • submitted a pull request to, GatsbyJS, a React static site generator.
  • Szymon Michalak
  • Szymon Michalak
  • completed the Webpack course on Egghead.
  • attended SmashingConf in Barcelona with 15 other X-Teamers.
  • read "SurviveJS - React", a top resource on mastering React.
  • Michal Kawalec
  • Michal Kawalec
  • hosted Monadic Warsaw, a functional programming meetup.
  • attended Lambda Days 2016 in Krakow.
  • open sourced IMAP, an IMAP library for Haskell.


X-Team is a development company that’s spent the last decade building a community of motivated developers from around the world. Today, we provide our developers (individually or as a team) to companies that need help scaling or leading their development resources.


“They really care about their developers and I could tell that from the very beginning. I feel like X-Team shows a lot of love and, in turn, that gets brought back to our company as well. I didn’t feel like other companies were supporting their developers and if those developers didn’t feel like they were being supported, how were they going to be able to work effectively and be contributing members of our team.”

Why we love React

React.js is very fast. It has a very big community. We have a lot of ready to use components out there that we can combine together to quickly prototype ideas. React is very simple. Once you understand a few key concepts, like property and state, you’re ready to start building. I also like that React’s architecture guides developers into creating encapsulated software. These smaller pieces of code are easier to maintain, easier to test and are more re-usable.— Diego Durli, X-Team
I love the way React and Flux compose and create an expressive dataflow over a very functional interface. It has been game changing.— Michal Kawalec, X-Team
Never felt so productive in my front-end development since I started working with React. I think the reason is that you (mostly) write plain JavaScript code, not framework specific code, and its declarative API makes it easier to reason through the UI app logic.— Gianluca Esposito, X-Team
React is how web apps should be done! It changed the ecosystem so much that the big major frameworks (angular, ember) now are following their lead.— Nadeem Khedr, X-Team
React allows me to use small building blocks to achieve exactly what I need in the project.— Paweł Chojnacki, X-Team
I cannot believe how easy and well-organised it is. I simply love it!— Szymon Michalak, X-Team
React is the framework that will be on top sites for the next 5-10 years, just like jQuery was years ago.— Ignacio Segura, X-Team


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