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  • Slawek Kolodziej
  • Slawek Kolodziej
  • completed the Docker For DevOps course on A Cloud Guru.
  • gave a talk called "Tools to make your product less exposed to risk" at PHPers Silesia.
  • published on Github a unique bundled version of vim called Vimrc.
  • Michal Nawrot
  • Michal Nawrot
  • created A React Native app that helps discover nearby places to go to.
  • completed "Creating a fault tolerant site" chapter of the AWS Cloud Guru course.
  • attended ReactEurope in Paris with 10 other X-Teamers.
  • Kelvin de Moya
  • Kelvin de Moya
  • submitted a pull request to the React Native repo on Github.
  • gave a talk called "Redux and the Modern Web" at a university.
  • completed Two pair programming sessions with fellow X-Teamers.


X-Team is a development company that’s spent the last decade building a community of motivated developers from around the world. Today, we provide our developers (individually or as a team) to companies that need help scaling or leading their development resources.


“They really care about their developers and I could tell that from the very beginning. I feel like X-Team shows a lot of love and, in turn, that gets brought back to our company as well. I didn’t feel like other companies were supporting their developers and if those developers didn’t feel like they were being supported, how were they going to be able to work effectively and be contributing members of our team.”


Node.js is a Javascript powered server side open source web application environment created in 2009 by Ryan Dahl. It is currently developed by Joyent and contributors on GitHub. Since its release, Node has gained widespread acceptance and is currently used in such high traffic applications as Netflix, Paypal, LinkedIn and GoDaddy. According to StackOverflow, Node was the 11th most popular technology of 2015.


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