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X-Team is a development company of motivated Laravel programmers, architects and consultants from around the world. We provide our developers to companies that need help outsourcing their software projects with top Laravel developers.

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Hire Dedicated<br>Laravel Developers

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Since 2006, the world’s leading brands have turned
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Top Laravel Developers of June 2017

Hire dedicated Laravel developers who are motivated to always be growing and moving forward.
Check out how a few of our Laravel programmers have grown recently:

  • Rubens Mariuzzo
  • Rubens Mariuzzo
  • completed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect course.
  • created "Laravel JS Localization" package and published it on Github.
  • created a plugin for Webpack and published it on Github.
  • Jedrzej Kurylo
  • Jedrzej Kurylo
  • attended Dutch PHP Conference in Amsterdam.
  • reached 14,000 reputation points on StackOverflow.
  • attended You Gotta Love Front-end Conference in Tel Aviv.
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Why we love Laravel

  1. Laravel is a modern and robust framework for web development. It took some of the best features from other frameworks, such as expressiveness, simplicity and readability, and it comes bundled with a set of functionalities that facilitate common tasks like notifications, data migration, jobs and more. Be it as a solo-developer or in a team, Laravel is always a pleasure to work with, as it really helps you focus on the features that will make the app unique.

    RUBENS MARIUZZO Dominican Republic

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