Ionic is a mobile application framework and an open-source SDK for hybrid mobile app development. It is based on the combination of AngularJS and Apache Cordova. The hybrid applications built with Ionic and the combination of web technologies like CSS, HTML5, and SASS can then be distributed through native app stores.

Ionic was first released in 2013, and the current stable version, v3.5.0, was released in June 2017. In 2015, there have been an estimated 1.3+ million applications created with the Ionic SDK.


Leveraging AngularJS, applications using the Ionic framework are written in Javascript. Ionic provides the full feature sets of the native mobile development SDKs. Applications are customized for Android or iOS and then deployed through Cordova. Ionic includes mobile components, typography, interactive paradigms, and an extensible base theme.

Since Ionic and native mobile app code are mixed in Cordova, this allows for a better performance. Using AngularJS instead of e.g. jQuery DOM manipulation also enables Ionic to use native hardware acceleration, and Ionic's use of CSS transitions and transforms together with the GPU instead of the CPU also has a positive effect on performance.

Ionic supports live reload and ahead of time compiling, so the development will be as fast and efficient as possible.


Ionic is a tried and true hybrid mobile application framework. Endorsed by big names like Misko Hevery, the creator of Angular, and Hampton Catlin, the creator of SASS, and used by organizations like the Smithsonian, EA, CAT, and NASA, it is a strong contender for the top hybrid mobile application development framework. If you require your application to work on both major mobile platforms, you simply have to consider Ionic for the job. And why not contact our Ionic experts while at it? They will be more than happy to help you define your specifications and then help you turn them into reality!

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  • Andrew Stratu
  • Andrew Stratu
  • completed "Advanced SVG Animation" course on FrontEndMasters.com
  • attended SmashingConf in Barcelona with 15 other X-Teamers.
  • read "SurviveJS - React", a top resource on mastering React.
  • Gianluca Esposito
  • Gianluca Esposito
  • completed "Building React Applications with Idiomatic Redux" course on Egghead.
  • attended ReactEurope in Paris with 10 other X-Teamers.
  • submitted a pull request to GatsbyJS, a React static site generator.
  • Szymon Michalak
  • Szymon Michalak
  • completed the Webpack course on Egghead.
  • attended SmashingConf in Barcelona with 15 other X-Teamers.
  • read "SurviveJS - React", a top resource on mastering React.

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