Should I use Go for my project?

Go a.k.a. golang is a language created in 2007 at Google, and it was open-sourced in 2009. It is compiled, statically typed, fully garbage-collected, has limited structural typing, memory safety and concurrent programming features.

Go is an attempt to combine the ease of programming of an interpreted, dynamically typed language with the efficiency and safety of a statically typed, compiled language. It also aims to be modern, with support for networked and multicore computing. In every respect the language was designed by thinking about what programmers do and how to make programming, at least the kind of programming we do, more effective, which means more fun.

Go is one of those languages that have not been based on theory as much as on practical, real-life applications in cloud, system, distributed, and concurrent environments. It is a language for rapid development without sacrificing performance, which is actually comparable to that offered by C/C++. Unlike the latter, golang has very limited features, which does not reduce productivity, however, as most every programming concept can still be expressed.

Golang has been created with a focus on improving on several points of other languages, most notably shortcomings in dependancy management, type systems, memory management, and parallel computation and multi-core support, while it also requires less code for the same results as C or C++, due to its high level of expressiveness.

One of the primary use cases for golang is highly-performant, networked applications. Thus, it is perfectly suited for all sorts of back-ends for web and mobile applications. Especially when major scaling is expected and every millisecond counts, Go is certainly one of the best at its job.

Go has also been making major headway in the world of mobile development with golang mobile.


Go is a full-fledged language which comes with a set of tools like many other languages, among others:

  • go build for building binaries,
  • go test for unit testing and microbenchmarks,
  • go fmt for code formatting,
  • go get for getting remote packages,
  • go vet for analyzing code for errors, etc.

High performance on par with C/C++ combined with goroutines — lightweight threads managed by the Go runtime — provide excellent scalability.

They're called goroutines because the existing terms — threads, coroutines, processes, and so on — convey inaccurate connotations. A goroutine has a simple model: it is a function executing concurrently with other goroutines in the same address space. Goroutines are multiplexed onto multiple OS threads so if one should block, such as while waiting for I/O, others continue to run. Their design hides many of the complexities of thread creation and management.

Due to a very small API, any experienced developer should need very little time to learn the language and there are few concepts that someone coming from a C/Java background would have to learn.

Syntax improvements over C include a combined variable declaration and initialization operator with inferred types. EOL work as implicit semicolons, and functions may return multiple values.

Go does not support class inheritance, but instead relies on composition and its interfaces, which provide structural typing.

Go's type system has no hierarchy, so no time is spent defining the relationships between types. Also, although Go has static types the language attempts to make types feel lighter weight than in typical OO languages.


Go is definitely a language to be reckoned with. While not the most popular language out there, it is slowly but steadily rising through the ranks as more and more developers realize its benefits. It is a language used by Google, Dropbox, CloudFlare, SoundCloud, Netflix, and other giants, as well as by many open-source projects, and as such has proven its capabilities in the real world as well. Thus we can only advise you that you get in touch with our Go experts and discuss how to turn your project from a plan to reality.

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