You may be wondering why hiring external front-end developers is a good idea. It is really quite simple:

You save time

It takes time to put out a job ad, and it takes time for enough people to apply. It also takes time to go through the whole hiring process, and then it takes time to get the new developer up to speed.

You can avoid most of these time-sinks by hiring a developer from a company that provides pre-approved, highly-skilled developers, who will be able to jump into your project and start swimming as soon as possible.

You save money

Hiring a new developer can be an extremely costly endeavor. All the hours your existing team spends on putting together the perfect set of requirements, screening candidates, and not-working on their current project, are hours that you are paying for. Why not skip all this and simply get a thoroughly tested developer?

Ease of contract management

If you do not live in a work-at-will place, chances are, if you hire someone, letting them go can be a huge headache. Not to even mention all the time and money spent on the process, and potential legal trouble, if the person decides to "strike back". Hiring an external developer effectively shields you from such problems. They are hired under conditions you agree with X-Team, and the only thing they will expect from you is to give them an environment where they can get as much work done as possible—for you.


As you can see, hiring external developers has several perks. Here, at X-Team, we are specialists for getting top talent to put on your projects, so do not waste any more time. Talk to us, and we will get you exactly the developers you are looking for!

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X-Team is a development company of motivated Front-End programmers, architects and consultants from around the world. We provide our developers to companies that need help outsourcing their software projects with top Front-End developers.

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Hire Dedicated<br>Front-End Developers

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Top Front-End Developers of September 2017

Hire dedicated Front-End developers who are motivated to always be growing and moving forward.
Check out how a few of our Front-End programmers have grown recently:

  • Michal Nawrot
  • Michal Nawrot
  • created A React Native app that helps discover nearby places to go to.
  • completed "Creating a fault tolerant site" chapter of the AWS Cloud Guru course.
  • attended ReactEurope in Paris with 10 other X-Teamers.
  • Andrew Stratu
  • Andrew Stratu
  • completed "Advanced SVG Animation" course on FrontEndMasters.com
  • attended SmashingConf in Barcelona with 15 other X-Teamers.
  • read "SurviveJS - React", a top resource on mastering React.
  • Szymon Michalak
  • Szymon Michalak
  • completed the Webpack course on Egghead.
  • attended SmashingConf in Barcelona with 15 other X-Teamers.
  • read "SurviveJS - React", a top resource on mastering React.

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