Diego Seghezzo
Lead Drupal Developer

In this interview, we sit down with one of X-Team's Lead Drupal developers, Diego Seghezzo, to talk about his career and passions.

Diego has some of the most positive, infectious energy you'll ever come across and is a true pleasure to hang around.

What inspired you to walk the path of a developer?

At around 6-years-old, I was fascinated by technology.

I used to disassemble toys just to see how they work inside. My dad is not one of the fixItAll-types, so for anything that broke, he’d call someone to fix it (even to change a power socket).

My curiosity plus that empty position at home as “the guy that fixes things” made me learn different technical things like electricity, plumbing, woodwork, etc. At 10 years-old, I was able to fix most electrical issues at home.

Later in primary school, I discovered computers. In the '80s, computers were very expensive in Argentina, so the only way a child could get his hands on one was through education. I went to a very good public school that had computing as part of its curriculum.

At the time, I had the chance to play with DOS, logo writer and later Windows 3.11. I discovered that I wanted to work with computers. I then went on to University to study systems engineering and in my 2nd year, I had a class about web development. That was my first time using ASP 3 and PHP 3. I found it really fun and future-proof. At that moment, desktop apps were the mainstream, but I saw that web development really was more interesting. So I started building websites for myself, my friends, just for the sake of learning and trying new stuff. I’m still on that path, still a 'beta' web developer.

Was there a particular project over the years that you are most proud of?

My first project in Drupal, back in 2008, was a Drupal 5 multi-site solution for John Deere Latin America truck dealers. It was built to manage 50+ different sites. It was a startup, so we were two devs in charge of all of it (forget about release managers, AWS, and all those nice things).

It was a great starting point for learning Drupal.

The other project is the FOX.com Drupal site. It was a very well organized project and the synergy between our team and the client was great. We even had the chance to advise and propose alternatives to make the website even better during that time. It was a challenge in terms of scalability and changes all the time, and I am very proud to have been part of it.

Is there someone who has been a great inspiration to you?

Well, there are many great people I can point out. In my close circle, I can mention my dad. I grew up watching him reinvent himself, leaving his comfort zone within a company and pursuing his own endeavors, trying different alternatives, falling and getting up several times.

In my professional world, I would like to name Yulia Tsyba, an impressive developer, who is always growing in terms of tools and looking for new challenges, and Kamil Ronewicz, who has been learning a new set of tools recently, as teammates I regard as an example to follow.

What are your other passions apart from programming?

I love impacting a person’s inner feelings, and I’ve found that I can do that doing photography. I have always been into photography, I can remember having an awful Kodak micro 110 film when I was 6.

I began to take it seriously in 2012 when I bought my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D7000. I took some courses, and I have been taking pictures since then.

Professionally, I’m doing newborn and belly photography, and also some product photography.

Here's my Flickr profile if you want to take a look: https://www.flickr.com/photos/diegoseghezzo/

Would you say having the heart of an artist helps with writing beautiful code?

Of course. It’s not only about knowing how to write in a certain language. Coding is about helping a client in the best way possible, and when you can put your passion and creativity into doing that, your code is definitely beautiful.

And last but not least... what lasting impression do you want to leave on the world?

To help people anytime I can; it doesn’t matter who the other person is, I just want to give my support. The world is not for the gifted ones; it belongs to those who don’t give up. If you want to achieve something, push yourself further, harder, believe in the people that surround you and whom you love.

Keep Moving Forward.

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