X-Team helped Kaplan open opportunities
for institutional testing that were previously impossible



Kaplan Inc. is a leading international provider of education and career services. They provide English language education through 45 schools and university partnership programs in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region. Each year, Kaplan Inc. trains over 100,000 students to communicate in English and prepares students for English ­speaking degree programs.

KITE™ is Kaplan Inc.'s global English language assessment system for all Kaplan Inc. programs, as well as commercial clients globally.


31,000 employees



Project Description

Kaplan Inc. wanted a mobile-enabled English language proficiency assessment system. After initial scoping of the project it was determined that 2 senior back-end developers (Jedrzej and Piotr), 2 senior front-end developers (Wojtek and Slawek), 1 designer (Carlos), and 1 QA (Anna) would be needed and would integrate with their in-­house team. The Kaplan team consisted of the Product Owner (Danielle), Lead Developer (Wathsi) , 1 front-end developer (Jody), and 1 DevOps Engineer (Byron). X­-Team and the Kaplan team worked remotely utilizing Slack and Skype as the main modes of communication. Jira and Scrum methodology were used to manage the workflow and sprints.


  • Create a feature­-rich English language assessment tool that is accurate, data driven, and aligned with globally recognized standards.
  • Identify and solve the specific needs of different user groups, such as content authors, exam graders, and the students taking the tests.
  • Address the time­-limited tasks, such as writing and speaking.

Solution – KITE™

  • Built a web based, mobile-enabled English language assessment tool that allows exam takers to test from home, work, school, or anywhere in between.
  • Responsive UI along with interactive data graphs.
  • Scalable back­-end API for new clients to rely upon.


  • Opened opportunities for institutional testing that were previously not possible due to computer lab, Internet bandwidth, and space availability constraints.
  • A set of fully modular, component-­based Angular apps.
  • A powerful RESTful API built with the Laravel framework.
  • A modern UI leveraging the latest HTML5 APIs for audio recording.
  • A codebase that can be easily scaled to allow for new functionalities.

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