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X-Team Launches New American Idol Season 13 Website

“Truly incredible,” were the words from an American Idol executive as we unveiled the** Season 13 website** for one of the longest standing reality TV shows. It’s comments like that that remind us why we love building websites.

This year’s launch was certainly the smoothest in years, which was an incredible feat considering it was the first fully responsive website for Idol, had a drastically new design, was the first FOX site with parallax, integrates a ton of 3rd party services (Gigya, Livefyre, MassRelevance, Arktan, etc.), *and *was built in only a month and a half.

Built through global collaboration with developers from Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Moldova, France, USA, Portugal, and many more, it once again proves that you can achieve ‘truly incredible’ feats when your team has no borders.

This launch also marks the completion of a goal of ours, which was to help bring FOX Broadcasting completely into the responsive design world by the end of 2013, and we successfully did that with all of, The X-Factor USA and American Idol all on responsive templates.

The site kicked off with a Livestream Judges Q&A event that thousands of people from around the world tuned into last night. It’s a pleasure getting to work on this site every year, and there’s still plenty more to come, so stay tuned.


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