Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Slotmodo, the first-ever slot machine review site and iOS app with reviews by players, for players.

Fans of slot machines now finally have a place to go to share stories, post reviews of slots, upload jackpot photos, and help them discover new slots to play. Think of it as a mix of Amazon, Yelp, Facebook and slot machines all wrapped into one.

My personal favorite feature is the Amazon/Facebook side of it, as the site is constantly learning from its users to help recommend slots based on specific likes/dislikes, such as whether a slot is fun or pays out well. It also makes it really easy to see what slots your friends like.

From character and visual design, to the responsive web development and infrastructure, X-Team helped launch a much-needed service for a community that’s more passionate than you might imagine.

There were also great efforts from our Design team in helping identify key challenges, including extensive user research and building multiple prototypes and iterations that ultimately led to the style and approach you see today.

Kudos also to the Slotmodo team for filling the site with a ton of content — more than 500 slot machines are already indexed, each with photos and videos to watch. So cheers to them and we’re excited to see where the community takes it in 2014!