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When Employees Turn into Superheroes

Superheroes amplify the company mission by adding their unique vision. Employees don’t get heard and lose meaning.

Superheroes use their superpowers to take the company to new heights. Employees are shackled to a job description harness.

Superheroes get frequent reminders of how fundamental they are. Employees get processes and policies they need to follow.

Superheroes change the world – even in their free time. Employees clock-on and clock-off.

Superheroes do whatever it takes. Employees do what counts in performance reviews.

Superheroes create the future. Employees need direction.

Superheroes empower others. Employees spew politics.

Employees will never unleash their superhero – unless you start treating them like one.

If you treat someone like a superhero they will act like one.

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