Our jobs constantly require our minds to operate rationally. We make informed choices, categorize items, develop workflows, and more. All these processes require rational thinking.

Because we have to use our rational minds so persistently, it grows like a muscle would. It becomes strong and more developed than other parts of the mind. It begins to dominate our daily lives and it creates an imbalance that impacts joy, inspiration, and creativity.

As a result, while we may close our laptops in the evening, work continues in the four-inch space between our ears. We cannot stop thinking about our current projects. This is common, but it's not healthy.

Do your work, then step back. It is the only path to serenity.

From the Mind to the Body

So how do you stop those incessant thoughts? The easiest way is to start feeling the body. Focus on sensory inputs. How does your body feel right now?

You may notice both pleasurable and painful sensations. But by focusing on bodily sensations, the energy that was heavily concentrated in the rational part of the brain begins to ebb away. It will stop the relentless momentum of rational thoughts.

The more you do this, the more efficient this process will become. You can begin to balance the rational mind with the intuitive mind. Combine this with stretching, lifting weights, and activities that are rhythmic in nature and use both sides of the body. Think qigong, yoga, walking, cycling, dancing, or juggling.

Plan without Plans

Another way to balance your mind is to have faith in the way things are. Go outside without expectations. Simply breathe, smile, and see what happens next. Don't succumb to a mental itinerary. No timeframes, no destinations, no meetings. Avoid specifics and take the turn that feels good. If possible, avoid bringing your phone too.

It may seem chaotic, but remember that you're not going to live without your rational mind for the rest of your life. You're just going for a walk to balance your rational mind with its intuitive counterpart. For a small period of time, empty your mind of all thoughts. Let your heart be at peace.