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I’m a Drupal developer and like most of my colleagues, I’m excited over PHPStorm. It has a lot of advantages (performance being the main one for me). One great advantage is Live Templates, which are predefined code fragments that you can insert into your source code. The best part about it – if you’re a Drupal dev –  is that there is already a repo of live templates for Drupal. (Tip: if you use OSX & PHPStorm 7+, then you’ll probably need to [...]

As awesome as Github’s web interface is, trying to use it alongside your terminal can be rather time consuming and may slow down your workflow. Why couldn’t you just perform all your common actions straight from the CLI? Well, you can. And it’s not just another homemade application. It comes straight from GitHub itself. Let me introduce you to Hub, a simple wrapper around Git’s CLI which allows you to make any operation that can be done with GitH [...]

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