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Nowadays, your newsfeeds can easily get filled with various posts, “how-tos” on improving your productivity; you may find ideas on how to concentrate, organise your workflow – and so on. The plentitude of such guides is fantastic – it means they are in demand, which indicates one thing for sure – people want to be better and want to improve themselves. Recently, I have realised that there is one main key to my own productivity – and that is being [...]

A great source for both B2B sales and market research is Slack communities centered around your target customer. You can find two of the better lists of Slack communities here: Chitchats and An Incomplete List of Communities on Slack. Once you find a group that is likely to have your target customer (and be prepared to potentially spend up to $20 or more to get in), join the community’s #general channel and introduce yourself. I’d also recommend [...]

I’m sure anyone reading this has Slack channels full of epic /giphy moments going down. And GIPHY’s are awesome, no doubt (especially when it’s totally not the GIPHY you were expecting). But GIFs can be even more powerful in building community, team engagement and overall satisfaction when those GIFs are made by your team. And the good news is you can use a site like andtheniwaslike.co to create a GIF really quickly based on a webcam recording. H [...]

As Slack continues to become the “virtual office” for many companies, it’s important to remember that even though the water cooler and the auditorium are gone, you still need to find ways to recognize your team and share knowledge. One thing we do at X-Team is use Slack to create a spotlight for our team members. We created a channel called “#learn-about-xteamers” and it’s dedicated to sharing short stories and interviews that spotlight each of o [...]

If you ever post important announcements in Slack channels, this tip is for you. The bigger your Slack team gets, the more likely it will start to feel like a Twitter feed of massive amounts of noise. And when it comes to #general-like channels, how can you help make sure people pay attention to your announcement? It’s easy: use reactions. Why? Because it’s the closest thing to a ‘retweet’ that Slack has. In other words, it immediately tells your [...]

This week, we’re all about real value — beyond the simple tips and tricks and keyboard commands of Slack, this week’s tip is a really strategic way of looking at how you can use Slack to build trust with your team and collaborate more efficiently.   After watching, keep these additional benefits in mind as you implement your first Slack journal channel: You’ll reduce the need for meetings: When your team is much more up to date about what you’re [...]

Let’s start with the good news: it’s getting easier to remind developers to post a daily status update on Slack (Geekbot, for example). The bad news is that developers still don’t like writing. You’ve probably seen incredibly brief updates like this: Or perhaps you’re used to seeing this…helpful…line: Or perhaps your developers consider the Github bot as their daily update: Now I get it — developers are busy people. But busy shouldn’t have to mea [...]

Meetings are such a common cause of misery that we bond over them.  If you ever find yourself in an awkward silence with a programmer, all it takes is a “Meetings, amirite?” and within no time you’re best pals.  We groan at the bureaucracy and busywork of planning and attending meetings when all we really want is to get things done. Yet they are generally tolerated as a necessary evil.  What’s going on here? The unfortunate fact is: we are addict [...]

One of the greatest things about programming is that you can change stuff. You can modify them, shape, bend to your needs. But as good as it may sound, unfortunately it is a double-edged sword. Having the ability to change is tempting and dangerous at the same time. If you work in a development team, especially one made of mostly remote developers, you might find that without necessary preparations, you will spend plenty of time on obvious bugs f [...]

The ever–growing web development industry makes it more and more challenging to stay up to date with everything that we want. Thankfully there are a few solutions: finding your niche, managing tasks better, and spending time only on things that will help you grow. Find these and other tips in the slideshare below. 5 Ways How To Grow As A Web Developer from Wojtek Zając [...]

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