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Despite what people may tell you, you don't need an office to create an incredibly satisfied, fulfilled and, ultimately, happy team. I know this because every week when I read the feedback we get from our remote team spread across 30 countries, it usually looks like this: "Even though we are all remote, I never felt as close to a team as this one." - Henrique B. I've been building happy teams remotely since I was 10-years-old using the family [...]

“People often accept something that works “fine” without realizing that maintaining such code is costly and time consuming. As developers, we have to remember that product owners are not programmers and that we need to clearly explain the changes we want to make.” – Mateusz Spiewak, X-Team When we make suggestions for improvements in a traditional office environment, we have a lot of methods to help us convince people to move forward with our [...]

For the last six months, I worked on The X-Factor USA’s website as the lead developer of one of X-Team’s global teams. Being a lead is a much different role than being a developer, and I learned five lessons on leading a productive remote dev team that I’ll take with me on all future projects. 1. Let them do what they do best Although X-Factor was based upon something we had already built, there were still things that could be improved upon. The [...]

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