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Just wanted to give a high-five worthy shout-out to our friends over at Telescope for building an API impressive enough to get Google to integrate it. As of last night’s episode of American Idol, you can now vote for your favorite contestant by simply Googling “American Idol.” Considering Idol is one of the top 5 search terms every week, this is a brilliant move. Kudos to our partner FOX Broadcasting on pushing for this kind of innovation. We’ve [...]

We recently launched Enlisted Salutes, a FOX project designed to to express gratitude to those who serve their country. The challenge? Collect photos and videos from various social media platforms and display them in a grid layout. While it may seem like a simple set of photos on the surface, behind the scenes there are many moving parts and complexities that presented a unique and fun challenge. We used MassRelevance to aggregate and curate phot [...]

“Truly incredible,” were the words from an American Idol executive as we unveiled the* Season 13 website* for one of the longest standing reality TV shows. It’s comments like that that remind us why we love building websites. This year’s AmericanIdol.com launch was certainly the smoothest in years, which was an incredible feat considering it was the first fully responsive website for Idol, had a drastically new design, was the first FOX site with [...]

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Slotmodo, the first-ever slot machine review site and iOS app with reviews by players, for players. Fans of slot machines now finally have a place to go to share stories, post reviews of slots, upload jackpot photos, and help them discover new slots to play. Think of it as a mix of Amazon, Yelp, Facebook and slot machines all wrapped into one. My personal favorite feature is the Amazon/Facebook side o [...]

Although you might not think of EMC (data storage super-geeks) as the kind of company to start publishing games, it’s a continuing trend to see companies using games to inspire some evangelism around their brands (which is why a group of X-Teamers launched *GAMEized *to do just that). But if it wasn’t for EMC, the world wouldn’t have Cloud Defender (iTunes Store). And since both X-Team and EMC are all about super-heroes, it was clearly meant to b [...]

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