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The module and hook systems are as old as Drupal. From the documentation in Drupal 1.0: In places where hooks are made available, the engine calls each module's exported functions. This is done by iterating through the modules directory where all modules must reside. Say your module is named foo (i.e. modules/foo.module) and if there was a hook called bar, the engine will call foo_bar() if this was exported by your module. Although the Content

Drupal 8 is about Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and a firm positioning of Drupal in the enterprise. The introduction of key Symfony components was meant to herald new beginnings and enforce a more professional programming paradigm. The hook system which is as old as the project allows Drupal core to call certain functions defined in modules at specific places. In other words, Drupal allows developers to interact with core code when some thing

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