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Last week, Melbourne was host to the first ever Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) held outside of the US. It was a mammoth affair, with over 35,000 proud geeks (myself included) filling the event over the 3 days. PAX is a celebration of games culture and community. At GAMEized (the X-Team-backed branded games team), we’re right in the midst of that audience, both producing and playing games, while at work and also at home (and on the train, in the car, on

Let me start by telling you something you probably already knew when you got here – Unity is hands-down one of the best game development software out there. But why, you might ask. Well, I could probably write a book about it and I’d certainly still leave some stuff out. That’s why today I’ll just talk about one of my favorite features, editor extensions/plugins. If you come from a programming background you’ve probably experienced times when you

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