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functional programming

You may or may not know this already, but you can follow a functional approach when using React's setState(), We usually update our state just passing an object describing the changes we would like to make and let React assign those values and trigger an update, but... But... how? You can pass a function to setState() that takes state and props as params and returns your desired state, which React will use for the update. You can go from: // Incr [...]

Some consider it an unholy arcana. Others hail it as the future of programming. What cannot be denied, however, is that, with the advent of Redux and Elm, the interest in functional programming has exploded. We have talked with an X-Teamer who has been a part of the functional programming community for a long time. Michal Kawalec, a dedicated member of the Haskell community, has shared with us his thoughts on all things FP. Michal, thank you for [...]

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functional programming