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If you’ve made it this far, then you clearly already know how to make time. It was simple, right? You clicked to read this post, and in doing so, you declared this was priority over something else you could have made time for. But if you’re willing to make time to click on this article (or any other), then you aren’t allowed to ever be disappointed by: Your empty Github profile The fact that you haven’t added a new skill to your stack in 6 months [...]

I would like to share a step by step tutorial to build an amazing slider from scratch, using the magic of SVG clip-path feature and animations through the excellent Snap.svg library. If you are very curious to see the final result, it will be something like this (low quality for the sake of the gif format): You can check the DEMO. There you can find some basic instructions for usage and link to github repository, where you will find a more compre [...]

If you’re looking to hire remote developers or bring in a remote team to add to your own team, the biggest challenge ahead of you will be eliminating “walls” that can create tension. After managing remote teams for many years now for X-Team, here’s how I’ve been able to eliminate those walls as early on as possible and create long-lasting relationships with many onsite teams. It’s all about creating opportunities for your remote team to build tru [...]

Ok, I’ll gladly admit it – I was never very fond of ”process methodologies” or any fancy way to describe how, why and when I should do my work. A little childish perhaps and probably not very professional. So there, I’ve said it. But I never was a very normal developer. Not even normal. Or developer. From the middle of the 90’s and onwards I went from one project to the next. Never really did what it said on my business card since I always had a [...]

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