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Open Source Heroes is a series dedicated to recognizing up-and-coming open source developers who are motivated to unleash their potential every day. Yoshua Wuyts is unstoppable. There are few developers today as driven and active as Yoshua is. Just read his Twitter feed for a minute and you'll get a sense of his hustle. His release of Choo, a "5kb framework for creating sturdy applications", has racked up 2k+ stars on Github, and that's just the [...]

If you’ve made it this far, then you clearly already know how to make time. It was simple, right? You clicked to read this post, and in doing so, you declared this was priority over something else you could have made time for. But if you’re willing to make time to click on this article (or any other), then you aren’t allowed to ever be disappointed by: Your empty Github profile The fact that you haven’t added a new skill to your stack in 6 months [...]

Recently Facebook launched Messenger Platform with support for developing our very own Bots. They can potentially create entirely new way of interacting with businesses by providing automated ordering, notifications, helpdesk functionalities and so on. Rich API allows to efficiently process messages and respond with images, links, call-to-action buttons, even direct payments. This tutorial will show you how to setup and deploy simple Facebook Mes [...]

If you’re looking to hire remote developers or bring in a remote team to add to your own team, the biggest challenge ahead of you will be eliminating “walls” that can create tension. After managing remote teams for many years now for X-Team, here’s how I’ve been able to eliminate those walls as early on as possible and create long-lasting relationships with many onsite teams. It’s all about creating opportunities for your remote team to build tru [...]

According to StackOverflow’s latest yearly survey of 50,000+ developers, these are the Top 5 reasons developers stay happy in their jobs: #5: They believe in your company’s mission. It’s cliché, I know, but it turns out it’s even true for developers. And really, it’s one of the basic truths of life — we all want to follow some sort of mission that gives meaning to what we do. Otherwise, you’re just a code monkey. I’ll give you an example — the [...]

ReactiveX, also known as Reactive Extensions or RX, is a library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs by using observable sequences. This is perfect for Android, which is event-driven and user-focused platform. ReactiveX is a combination of the best ideas from the Observer pattern, the Iterator pattern, and functional programming The library is widely available for different programming languages. There's even a dedicated Android [...]

This week, we’re all about real value — beyond the simple tips and tricks and keyboard commands of Slack, this week’s tip is a really strategic way of looking at how you can use Slack to build trust with your team and collaborate more efficiently.   After watching, keep these additional benefits in mind as you implement your first Slack journal channel: You’ll reduce the need for meetings: When your team is much more up to date about what you’re [...]

Android programming has undergone many changes over the years, both in tooling we use and features available on the platform. Today, typical development environment and applications we are able to create are anything like they used to be. Long gone is Eclipse IDE replaced by Android Studio, virtual device emulators are getting faster and more feature rich, and lastly, the amount of knowledge sources and third-party helper libraries is finally at [...]

Drupal 7 autocomplete field is something most content producers love. It’s an easy and convenient way to reference content by title. The problem is, that’s all you get from an autocomplete field: a title. One of our partners at X-Team had problems managing front page items, as the autocomplete field provided the title, but they couldn’t see anything else, such as photo, published status or schedule options. This extra info was useful to them, as [...]

Remember how Marty McFly traveled to the past and changed that one small thing, then when he came back to the future (ohhhhhhhh) his dad was all buff and cool, instead of the sniveling weakling we saw at the start? In the same way, CSS Modules has introduced one small change at the heart of css and now there is a new world of improvements to discover. This post is a continuation from last week’s introduction to CSS Modules where we will take a cl [...]

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