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I have the pleasure of being a part of an incredible community. Yes, this is how I think most of us perceive X-Team. However, the issue with remote communities is that you do not see its members on daily basis; opportunities to integrate are limited, despite using Slack or Hangouts. Nothing replaces a real-life hand-shake, right? It is cool to be able to talk to each other remotely, but I think this is not enough to create the much-needed social

Who does not like to meet old friends, make new friends and listen to some good talks for good measure? These three elements are at the core of the conference experience — increasing one's skill, mingling with like-minded people, and Node.js conferences tick all the boxes. There are international events happening on all continents, with thousands upon thousands of participants. And since a major front-end conference — React Europe — has just ende

If you and your colleagues work 100% remotely from all over the world, no opportunity to meet with them in person should be missed. We try to create these opportunities as often as possible, focusing them mainly around various events, such as conferences. This time around, we picked React London! Credit: Wojtek Zając The conference took place in the QEII Centre, Westminster, close to many of London’s main attractions and notable areas. It was jus

The React.js community is young but mighty. Over the past year, contributions have poured into the React project. Tools and frameworks like Flux, Redux, React Native and Relay continue to evolve. And the community has grown to include diverse gatherings across continents. With conferences from the United States to Israel, there is a React event for nearly every place, if not everyone. At open source conferences, you have the opportunity to meet l

Having attended the Web Summit in Dublin 2014, Collision Conference in Las Vegas 2014 and Rise in Hong Kong 2014, I’ve learned a trick or two to avoid listening to the closing remarks while you’re standing there with a Topps 92’ size deck of random business cards saying to yourself, “Wait, wtf it’s over?! Did I meet anyone? I felt like I met everyone. Ah, crap.” So, how to avoid this feeling of self despair, “Focus Danielson! Focus!” Staying focu

“Instead of showing up to let everyone know how great we are, show up to find out how great everyone else is.” Simon Sinek And so I did show up. Part of my job as Developer Unleasher is to travel around the world to meet with X-Teamers, to know them better, to learn about their characters, traits, dreams, passions, talents and skills first-hand. Why would I do that? Why would I sometimes jump on a plane and fly to the other side of the planet to

Update: Kamil’s Ampersand talk from Reject.js is now available to watch. See below. - - - - - - Two exciting announcements today out of the xHQ, both regarding X-Teamer and senior client-side engineer Kamil Ogorek: First, Kamil has joined the core contributor team for the new framework Ampersand.js (a ‘next-gen Backbone’). Kamil does some epic Backbone work with our partner Boomrat, an EDM music app. Second, Kamil will be talking all about Ampers

Last weekend I took part in my local GiveCamp, GiveCamp Grand Rapids.  From givecamp.org: GiveCamp is a weekend-long event where technology professionals, from designers, developers and database administrators to marketers and web strategists, donate their time to provide solutions for non-profit organizations. We met at the CoFactory in Grand Rapids MI.  There were 17 non-profit organizations, as well as approximately 120 volunteers consisting o

NodeConf. Ever since I heard about the whole node-at-a-summercamp thing, I dreamed of going. And what a fun few days it was. How to get inspired: hang around a lot of people who are all excited about something. So what’s exciting about node? Plenty to choose from here, but one that stands out is the work being done around Streams. If you’ve spent some time in the command line you’ll recognise the philosophy and the power of being able to write sm

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