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Being an entirely remote and global company, it’s important that our culture is tangible. It shouldn’t only live within Slack channels, you should be able to pick it up and feel it. It should make your eyes grow wide as you hold it in your hands. That was what we hoped to accomplish, and we’ve certainly done it. Today we’re announcing the first-ever #unleash box, a beautiful box filled with X-Team culture that you can feel. It makes it tangible a

Almost a decade ago we launched a dedicated JavaScript service called JSized. JSized was focused on high-level JavaScripting needs, defining and coordinating the JavaScript architectural strategy for major websites and applications. It was built on our love and passion for JavaScript. The branding of JSized was spear-headed by a mascot influenced by the Indonesian monkey king Hanuman. We chose Hanuman because when it comes to engineering JavaScri

It was the X-Team Christmas Party in 2010. I was typing in a chat room connected to over 30 X-Teamers dotted throughout the planet. As we drank virtual eggnog and /danced to Silent Night in a multitude of languages, something happened that would change our lives forever. We became Superheroes. // X-Team Our holiday committee had gone to great lengths to create superhero alter-egos of all of us. Everyone received a crafted identity which echoed o

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