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Switching from Disqus to Livefyre for

With experience integrating Livefyre for FOX Broadcasting for both The X-Factor and American Idol, it was a natural fit to help SportsNet New York ( make the big switch from Disqus to Livefyre for their commenting system.

But like any Livefyre integration, usually there’s more to it than that as most of our partners want to also integrate Livefyre with another registration/login system.

In this case, SportsNet New York has their own custom registration system. In our years of integrating Livefyre, however, we’ve yet to find a system we can’t integrate it with, and was no exception.

In the words of SportsNet, we “did a terrific job helping to bridge the gap between us and Livefyre to get the commenting system firing on all cylinders.”

Cheers to SportsNet and congrats on the switch.

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