One of the big challenges for developers new to the remote scene is making sure they continue to stay in good shape. It’s why we’ve started to look at fitness as an important part of the X-Team community.

It can be even more challenging for remote developers who travel often. I live completely remotely (thanks Airbnb/Uber/etc. for making that possible) and travel often to see X-Teamers around the world. Although it’s been an incredible way to live and work, it’s not ideal for keeping your body in great shape.

Namely, it’s meant not having a permanent office with a standing desk, meaning I end up creating makeshift standing desks (like these) in whatever hotel or room I’ve ended up in.

Well, I was more than happy to see this hipster-tastic traveling/portable standing desk get funded on Kickstarter last week.

[**StandStand**](, although horribly named and with marketing that makes you think you’ll become “that guy that is hipster enough to use a standup desk at Starbucks”, is a dream come true for me. I’m less interested in the public usage and more for my “remote office” use.

I’ve pre-ordered the bamboo edition and love that it fits easily in my laptop bag. I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes, but thought I’d share it for remote developers out there who are more of the nomad types that need something more portable.

Plus, it’s a Kickstarter, and we’re big fans of supporting sites and tech that empower people to create. #sleepcanwait

Do you have any other portable recommendations? Share them in the comments.