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Slack Tips Tuesday: How to Not Look like a Slacker on Slack

This week, we’re all about real value — beyond the simple tips and tricks and keyboard commands of Slack, this week’s tip is a really strategic way of looking at how you can use Slack to build trust with your team and collaborate more efficiently.


After watching, keep these additional benefits in mind as you implement your first Slack journal channel:

  • You’ll reduce the need for meetings: When your team is much more up to date about what you’re working on, status update meetings start to become redundant. Cut back on meetings, use journals!
  • You’ll have important information documented: Assuming you pay for Slack, your journal will become an archive of really important information that you’ll be able to look back on. All those notes, progress updates, collaboration, and little details will suddenly be searchable thanks to you disciplining yourself and updating a daily journal.
  • You’ll get work done faster: With your team being able to jump in and give feedback and help you out in the moment, you’ll get a lot more work done, faster.

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