Ever since I heard about the whole node-at-a-summercamp thing, I dreamed of going. And what a fun few days it was.

How to get inspired: hang around a lot of people who are all excited about something.

So what’s exciting about node? Plenty to choose from here, but one that stands out is the work being done around Streams. If you’ve spent some time in the command line you’ll recognise the philosophy and the power of being able to write small “do-one-thing-well” programs and pipe them together. It’s a simple concept, but when applied across a range of different domains it becomes a very useful problem solving tool.

One of the standout workshops at NodeConf was the Stream Adventure by Max Ogden and James Haliday. You can play along from home too: Anyone wanting an introduction to node and/or streams should check it out.

You might even like to fork it and come up with your own challenges.