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How We Build Alliances with Our Developers

There’s a moment in every developer’s career when something incredible happens. A moment when they shift from reactive to proactive. From ordinary to extraordinary.

We like to call that moment unleashing.

Calling upon their inner superhero to motivate themselves to learn and grow in amazing ways. This is what it means to be an X-Teamer, and this is what we strive to achieve for all of our developers every day.

And we’re able to help every X-Teamer do this thanks to an initiative we started late last year. We call it Unleash.

An honest alliance

People often ask us how we are able to retain such extraordinary developers. There are many reasons for that, from culture to flexibility and beyond, but one of the more recent reasons is because we build and maintain honest relationships with our developers. Some might call them alliances.

It’s an alliance that says, “While you’re with us at X-Team, we’re dedicated to providing you value to help you grow, in return for the value that you provide us as an extraordinary developer.”

One of the challenges with being a remote developer (especially freelancers) is that you tend to miss out on being a part of a lot of great growth opportunities you get from working with people in-person.

On top of that, there’s a growing lack of trust between companies and developers due to a lack of commitment from organizations that know great developers often move on when they get bored. So instead, companies just overwork developers until they burn out and leave.

But a broken relationship where neither side delivers on their promises or believes in one another isn’t why we’re in this industry. That’s not an alliance or a relationship; it’s a divorce waiting to happen.

Last year, we told the world we want to fix the development industry. Part of what needs to be fixed is this fundamental problem with the relationship between companies and developers.

The only way to cultivate extraordinary developers is by becoming a partner in accomplishing their goals, a shareholder in their aspirations, and an ally they can trust to help them grow.

Personalized missions

Today, we create alliances with our developers by first defining a mission with them, which is essentially a timeboxed set of goals that a developer wants to achieve while with us. As long as we keep helping them move forward with those goals, both sides will keep their promises and trust will remain strong.

Once a mission is defined, we then plot out a path to help them achieve those goals. It’s their path to unleash.

Here’s an example of one X-Teamer’s path to unleash, and as you can see, his goals are all about building his reputation and getting more involved in open source communities:

PtU interface

The company we’ve always wanted

Our developers’ missions consist of their most important career goals, and aligning at that level creates an important bond. It lets them know we’re committed to the relationship and their future.

Most dev companies will just keep churning through projects without ever caring to align their goals with their developer’s goals.

That only causes burnout and unhappy developers who never grow.

Unleash has allowed us to create the company we’ve always wanted, where each developer has a clear path that shows them the value they get out of their time with us; that if they continue to be remarkable at what they do, we’ll help them grow and unleash even further than they’d imagined; that we’ll be there as a partner in helping them achieve their goals; that our mission of creating a community of proactive, unleashed developers truly is possible.

Not every goal a developer brings to us is achievable while they’re with us, but we realize we aren’t the end of the road in their career. And rather than create false promises, we commit to ensuring they move forward with their growth goals, even if the ultimate end goal ends up getting fulfilled by moving on to another company. The key is that they continue unleashing and moving forward while they’re an X-Teamer. That’s as honest as a relationship can get.

An environment of growth

So what’s the end result of a company that builds honest alliances with well-defined missions that allow each side of the relationship to deliver on their promises?

To put it simply: an environment of growth that is hard to stay away from. Being surrounded by people who are always growing and striving to unleash the best in themselves, and to help each other do it together, is nothing short of inspiring and powerful.

I’ve never seen developers more engaged in a company than I have since Unleash started.

We’ve been able to continue to grow and sustain an incredible community of developers because it’s simply where great minds want to be.

If this is the kind of environment you’ve been looking for as a developer, we’d love to hear from you.

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