This past month has been the strongest hurricane month in the Atlantic Ocean that's ever been recorded. After we didn't think it could get any worse after Hurricane Harvey, it only continued with Hurricanes Irma and Maria, with Maria causing some of the biggest natural disaster damage in U.S. history. Many X-Teamers live in the Dominican Republic, and it's been an emotional time anxiously awaiting the hurricanes to pass and hoping for the best f [...]

Introduction Since I heard about snapshot testing at the 2017 React Europe conference, I was curious about this new tool for my daily testing. I must admit that I am a Mocha lover but Jest really caught my attention with this feature. At some point during testing, everyone has to print the expected result of the test and copy it to your test file. Now, with Jest snapshots, this is not required anymore. Jest will save the expected result for us. Y [...]

Hello world! That seems to be the first line every young developer tries to do, but it has many other meanings for a remote developer. We meet people from all over the world — clients, colleagues, providers — and that gives us the opportunity to share thoughts, experiences, ways of thinking and more. For example, I am from Argentina, and I have the opportunity to work every day with people from Denmark, Uruguay, the U.S, Russia, Irela [...]

Motivation sucks... well... kind of. Motivation is an abstract idea of highly condensed energy that can quickly move you forward with your goals. However, you cannot rely on it forever. Motivation is like a nice, sunny Spring day, where everything seems perfect and good. However, pretty much like the weather, your brain, emotions, and life come into play and change it; and they change it more often than you care to realize. People saying you nee [...]

This final video explains how to connect Redux to React and how to apply the middleware Redux Thunk to be able to delay the execution of each action. Pass down the functions made in actions through props. Then, apply an onclick function to the button to call the action that gets information from the API. Source: Series overview: API Calls in React/Redux Part 1 — Introd [...]

This video walks through how to set up the actions and reducers for Redux in React. Learn how to set up a function in actions to call the API using Axios. Export the functions to the reducers to set up a default state. Source: Series overview: API Calls in React/Redux Part 1 — Introduction API Calls in React/Redux Part 2 — Setting up Axios API Calls in React/Redux Part [...]

This video walks through downloading the correct packages using the terminal to set up a React Redux application. We will also download the Axios package to help get information from the API. Set up a container and component with a button. Finally, stylize the project before adding logic in the next video. Source: Series overview: API Calls in React/Redux Part 1 — Intr [...]

This video introduces how to look up information from an API. We use the API for this tutorial. Learn how to make a GET request. Finally we will decode the JSON information from a given end point using the tool Postman. Source: Series overview: API Calls in React/Redux Part 1 — Introduction API Calls in React/Redux Part 2 — Setting up Axios API Calls in React/ [...]

Working with US time zones always gets me confused. I am not sure if it is especially hard for me because I grew up in a country with a single time zone and no daylight saving time, or if it is just hard for everyone. Either way, I decided to write a simple command line tool to make it a little easier: timezones-cli. To use it, you first install it with npm: npm install -g timezones-cli Then you can convert any datetime (in ISO-8601 format) [...]

Photo by Ed Telling during FullStackCon 2017. Table of Contents Overview Keynote: Opening Keynote by Douglas Crockford Talk: I RLY LOVE Form Controls! Keynote: Back to the Future: IoT Maker Revolution Talk: Give app servers a REST – CDNs and APIs are the new LAMP Talk: Understanding Blockchain Talk: WebAssembly and the Future of the Web Talk: YES! Your Site Can (and Should) be Accessible Lightning Talk: Breaking the Monolith a [...]