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Missouri just discovered what we've known all along

Today I came across some interesting news, stating that one of the Missouri representatives wants to adopt the high-five as an official state greeting.

Missouri Rep Wants a High-Five to Be The Official State Greeting

Paraphrasing Courtney Curtis:

“The gesture encourages people to be more friendly towards one another and thus more productive.”

Fives are one of the most important part of our X-Culture and as you can read there, they’re “our common currency for appreciation.”

Yesterday, after the most important presentation so far this year, when we knew that our job was done and everyone was aware that it went even better then expected, what did we do?

We immediately high-fived each other. And you know what?

It’s the best feeling ever. Much better then any words can express.

This is the time when you feel powerful, appreciated and proud of being a member of trusted team, a true team-player.


Photography source: Ma Joie Press from

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