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Learn about Ampersand.js at RejectJS

Update: Kamil’s Ampersand talk from Reject.js is now available to watch. See below.

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Two exciting announcements today out of the xHQ, both regarding X-Teamer and senior client-side engineer Kamil Ogorek:

First, Kamil has joined the core contributor team for the new framework Ampersand.js (a ‘next-gen Backbone’). Kamil does some epic Backbone work with our partner Boomrat, an EDM music app.

Second, Kamil will be talking all about Ampersand.js at the upcoming RejectJS conference in Berlin on September 11. Here’s an excerpt about what he’ll be speaking on:

Most of the client-side frameworks those days, aim to solve all developer problems at once, even when you didn’t ask them to. What if we could let developers decide which parts of the ecosystem they want to use, instead of handing them a big monolithic black-box. Those parts could be maintained, updated and delivered separately, without any interruptions to the other parts, but they’re working together like a charm at the same time.

Not to say that very few of them let you almost never leave your terminal, fully leverage NPM, CommonJS modules and your whole build process, which is essential for rapid development. Add to that a pinch of CLI generators, code reuse on a server-side, curated list of already solved problems and you’ll get Ampersand.js – non-frameworky framework for building advanced JavaScript apps, where it’s up to you how you’ll use it. Ampersand gives you lots of tools, just enough conventions, but tons of flexibility.

Hope to see you there. /five

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