It's time for the next edition of our Knowledge X-Pollination, with more interesting resources provided by our mentors!

The resources are separated into two parts — the first part includes tech-related resources. The second part includes resources on things that everyone should keep in their mind, but which aren't technology-specific.


The Blockchain

by Piotr Pasich

A week which is mostly about practice. If you would like to participate, your homework is to create a simple node.js application, install the required modules and connect to the node you created if you followed last week's Blockchain resources.

Here are the gems of this week:


by Zach Goldstein

This week we're delving into an old but awesome technology — IRC — by checking out a modern IRC server written in Go.


by Nick Plekhanov

A look back at what exactly happened to Node.js so far, from the point where it was born. The history of Node.js on a timeline: 2009-2018.


by Michał Miszczyszyn

There’s been a lot of noise about the new React Async mode and the fancy new Context API and how it replaces Redux (I hate to spoil it for you: It doesn’t).

So here are a few useful articles to catch up!

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