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Introducing Paths: Learn new Skills, Faster

Welcome to the jungle

Navigating the realm of web technologies may sometimes feel like exploring a jungle, especially for those who have just begun their journey.

Abundance of programming languages, frameworks, libraries - even though exciting and challenging - sometimes makes one wonder: how and where do I start, since the most valuable resources are scattered around the web?

At X-Team, we have developed a program solely devoted to accelerating developers' growth. We call it Unleash

Today we would like to take part of it outside our walls and share our answer to the question above with the world.

Finding patterns

Over the course of past two years, we’ve spotted patterns that our developers tend to follow when it comes to learning new technologies and developing their communication and leadership skills.

We have collected and stacked the mind maps X-Teamers created in order to keep track of their progress - and we have observed some points of convergence.

We call those points steps. Each step takes developers closer to achieving a particular milestone, be it writing a blog post, mastering Docker or diving deeper into React. You name it.

Treading Paths

Once we connected the steps - we realized we have treaded Paths that quite well navigate us through the world of web technologies.

Today we'd like to invite you to put a step out of your door - and share an adventure with us by taking one of such Paths yourself.

The first we want to present is the the Docker Path curated by Karol Sójko, a back-end developer and X-Team's Unleasher.

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