Are you looking for React developers? You've come to the right place. X-Team provides coordinated and high-performing teams of React developers for the world's most ambitious brands. Contact us today if you want to hire React developers who:

  • Add value from day one. Our developers onboard quickly and immediately look for ways to make a positive impact on your React projects.
  • Push themselves forward professionally and personally. Our developers require no hand-holding. They are proactive in solving your problems and supported by X-Team's unparalleled, energizing community.
  • Are expert communicators. Our React developers are fully remote and experts at distributed team communications. They are trained to build trust through consistent actions and detailed progress updates.

On top of that, if you hire an X-Team React developer, we provide you with:

  • A dedicated account manager who's there to understand your needs, address problems and questions, and connect you with the React developers you want.
  • Flexible contracts. You shouldn't be tied to a developer because of their contract. X-Team allows you to scale your development team up or down as you need with simple monthly billing.
  • A long-term partnership. X-Team can provide you with the right developers even if your requirements go far beyond React. There's a reason we've been working together with companies like Fox Sports, Coinbase, and Kaplan for many years. We're in it for the long-term success of our partners.
  • Glassdoor's best-loved place to work as a developer. X-Team has spent 15+ years creating the most energizing and rewarding experience for developers. This means that your team will be made up of highly motivated developers who are driven to help you.
“Since starting with X-Team many years ago, we've been able to build an entire line of products that now serve every division of Kaplan. X-Team has provided us a team of incredibly dedicated and intelligent developers. It helped us avoid the inevitable team turnover from hiring on our own. This let us spend 100% of our time working at maximum efficiency.”  - Danielle Chircop, VP Digital Product at Kaplan Inc.
X-Teamers are expert communicators

React Interview Questions

While X-Team thoroughly vets all its developers, no company should ever hire a React developer without asking them at least a few React interview questions. This is a list of questions that showcase a developer's competence, experience, and creativity.

  • Give an example of a project where you used React.
  • Explain the differences between React Hooks and React classes.
  • How is a controlled component different from an uncontrolled one?
  • Briefly explain how this.setState works.
  • How do you convert a function to a class in React?
  • What are the benefits of composition over inheritance in React?
  • What are your favorite React component libraries and why?
  • What's your approach to data fetching server-side?
  • How do you test the apps you've built with React?
  • How do you use React without using JSX?
  • What's wrong with copying props to state?
  • When should you use React refs?
  • What is a higher-order component in React?

While technical expertise is extremely important, over our 15+ years of interviewing developers, we discovered that the very best developers were not the best because of their technical skills. They were the best because of their willingness to learn, their communication skills, their ability to prioritize, and more. It's these types of developers that X-Team will send your way.

React Developers FAQ

  • How soon can X-Team React developers join my team?

Normally, our React developers can join your team within 1-3 weeks.

  • Where are your React developers located?

Our developers are located in more than sixty countries (and growing). We believe that excellence has no borders. We don’t hire our developers based on their location but rather whether they live up to the high bar we’ve set. But there's no need to worry about timezones, as we take that into account when creating a React developer team for you.

  • Will I get a list of React developers to choose from?

We keep our form short so we can first focus more on what you need. Once we’ve gained a better understanding of the challenge at hand, we’ll then discuss with our teams and put forth the best X-Team developers for your needs. So yes, you will receive a list of candidates to choose from.

React Resources

If you're looking to hire a team of software engineers who will bring forward-moving, positive energy to your organization, our Partnerships team is ready to start a conversation.

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