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Heroes Pack 18

Today we’re excited to welcome six new members to the League of the Extraordinary, the honorary group of X-Teamers who have proven they are true superheroes. This is the biggest heroes pack ever!

An X-Teamer is only able to #unleash their superhero once they’ve consistently shown the key traits we hold so dear — a proactive drive, a selfless spirit, and a true #sleepcanwait attitude.

With Heroes Pack 18, we honor Slawek Kolodziej (Poland), Sven Berg Ryen (Norway), Gianluca Esposito (Italy), Alberto Grande (Spain/Germany), Szymon Karnecki (Poland), and Nadeem Khedr (Egypt). What an epic array of countries! Congratulations to everyone.

Slawek Kolodziej

Sven Berg Ryen

Szymon Karnecki

Gianluca Esposito

Nadeem Khedr

Alberto Grande

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