Almost a decade ago we launched a dedicated JavaScript service called JSized. JSized was focused on high-level JavaScripting needs, defining and coordinating the JavaScript architectural strategy for major websites and applications. It was built on our love and passion for JavaScript.

The branding of JSized was spear-headed by a mascot influenced by the Indonesian monkey king Hanuman. We chose Hanuman because when it comes to engineering JavaScript for a modern web experience, it can feel like you’re hacking a path through an impassable jungle. Fortunately our expert DOM-fu makes it easy to slice through the tangled vines of complexity, performance and compatibility.

What we said back then still holds true today — JavaScript is like the roots of a jungle, connecting everything to everything else and holding it all together.

And today, we’ve got our hands in realtime with node.js and top-secret awesomeness with Backbone.js.

Our passion for JavaScript has continued to grow and it is for that reason that we are welcoming JSized into X-Team’s Hall of Heroes, an honorary group of X-Team’s finest champions. With JSized now part of X-Team, we can continue to focus on developing innovative JavaScript solutions for some of the world’s largest brands.