Drupal definitely has one of the biggest and largest communities in the world. I can still remember one of Dries Buytaert’s tweets showing the rapid growth of Drupal by showing a photo of a few attendees at the first DrupalCon, compared with the most recent which was packed.

(On a side note: It’s exciting to think there might someday soon be a DrupalCon in the Asian region (see: here).

Besides DrupalCon, there are a lot of other Drupal community activities organized throughout the world, such as Drupal Camp, Drupal BarCamp, Drupal Meetup, etc. And the best part is, these are also supported by Drupal.org. (If interested, here are some tips on how to organize one: https://drupal.org/node/247972). You can even ask them to become a main sponsor, or request funding (as long as it complies with their rules). How cool is that?!

Drupal Camps are quite popular and can be considered a mini version of DrupalCon, as they also feature several sessions discussing various topics surrounding Drupal, usually a small hackathon, etc. Drupal Camps also attract lots of Drupalists and other tech evangelists from all over the country to gather and mingle together.

Drupal in Singapore

There’s no doubt that Drupal is gaining more traction and popularity in Singapore, and this is also indicated by the fact that lots of big corporations in many industries in Singapore are starting to switch to Drupal as their main technology platform.

Singapore has already organized two Drupal Camps, and this year will be the third, to be held June 14, 2014 at SMU (Singapore Management University). You can learn more about it here: http://drupalcamp.sg/contact-us

We’ve received many session submissions, which indicates that more people from different industries and backgrounds are interested to join the fun and are willing to share their knowledge with all of us.

And, of course, the food will be awesome, too.

And it’s all thanks to our beloved and loyal sponsors (including X-Team), as without them, this event wouldn’t even happen.

This year’s theme will be about Drupal 8, one of the most popular topics and also most controversial (in my opinion). So for sure this will bring even more excitement to the event!

Tickets can be purchased on our website: http://drupalcamp.sg/, and it’s only S$25.

We guarantee you’ll enjoy every moment of the event, as well as the warm Singaporean hospitality. And of course, you could always stay with our community in Singapore any time you want; just like Drupal’s slogan says: “Come for the software, stay for the community.”