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When you work for a company that has the belief that all their employees are superheroes, you can quickly become a bit of a fan. (Have you read our CEO’s take on why every X-Teamer is a super+hero?)

We are all given a superhero version of ourselves. What defines the superhero is a combination of what we excel with at work, mixed with elements of what we love outside of work.

My superhero is called Async Surfer, an homage of two things I love: JavaScript and surfing. For a sidekick, I chose my Alaskan Malamute: a trusting, albeit a little opinionated dog.

As you can imagine, this causes us to be very proud to work for our company, which started me thinking: how I could do something to show how proud I am? Enter: the shoes.

Most of last year, I was in Los Angeles working with X-Team’s FOX team. In Santa Monica, Converse has a store that let’s you print a design on your shoes — if you could put anything on your shoes, it might as well be your superhero.

Four very long days later (it’s a bit of a complicated process), I had my shoes.

These are the most expensive shoes I actually own and the ones I least use. It’s not that they aren’t comfortable, I just don’t want anything to happen to them, so I only use it on certain occasions where our team meets, or when I want to show how I work for such a cool company.

I think a custom T-shirt might be the next step :)

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