Throughout October 2017, we ran the first season of Productivity Quest — our Slack-based series of challenges tailored to improve the way we work. It turned out to be a huge success and kept the community wanting more.

This year, we decided to take a different spin on the purpose of the quest. Instead of trying out a lot of different techniques, we focused on 2 of them. The goal was to improve not only productivity but also the way we make our work transparent to our coworkers and partners.

„This is bowling there are rules"

After the first season, we did a poll, and everyone voted that we once again help with planting trees as the charity cause for this quest. This made us very happy as we like to make the world a better place here at X-Team.

Thus, like last time — every time someone completed a challenge we donated $1 to

Everybody Loves a Challenge

Here are the challenges we designed for the second edition:

Here are just a few of the many examples of how X-Teamers completed their challenges:

Anton Orlov's Log Entry

Joel Costa's Approach

The Elie Lagmay Method

We did it

Once again, thanks to X-Teamers' commitment, we managed to plant 100 trees across the world and helped make it a tiny bit better place. We learned a lot, improved the way we communicate, and last but not least, every participant was rewarded with our special coins, which can be exchanged for X-Team swag.

Stay tuned for next seasons of the Productivity Quest.