Great developers are motivated to learn new things, but finding inspiration of what to learn can be more work than the learning itself.

You can end up spending hours scouring Egghead, Medium, FreeCodeCamp, Udacity, Udemy, Hackernoon,, YouTube, dailyjs, css-tricks, echojs, SmashingMag, Coursera, HackerNews, nettuts...ok, you get the idea.

Figuring out what to learn as a dev has become like figuring out what to watch on Netflix -- too many options, endless browsing, and not enough doing.

Which is why we at X-Team have created 10 of the best dev tutorials curated every week.


We made it for ourselves originally, to be able to help our community get inspired and reminded of great opportunities to learn each week. Although we're all motivated to learn, it's all about the reminders and inspiration which drive us to action.

You can even vote on your favorite each week and help give them some well-earned recognition as reward for their hard work putting the tutorial together.

We hope you'll commit to learning more alongside us, especially as we keep evolving the features for the site.

You can check out CommitList here. and leave any comments for ideas on how we can make it even more useful for you.