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Zoe Uwem

In a way, working remotely can be likened to fighting a battle— you need to overcome distractions and finish your projects, just as a fighter would need to overcome the enemies and win the war. And to win a war, a fighter needs weapons. So do a worker needs tools to win remotely. But, it’s not just any weapon or tool that works. If you want to win a war, you’d need to select your weapons carefully. If you want to do your job effectively, you’d ha

From time to time, our X-Teamers chat, share information and exchange ideas with each other. It goes without saying that it’s usually an awesome experience interacting with and learning from some of the world’s best-known developers. The good thing is, since these X-Team developers work remotely, they can participate in the interactions from anywhere in the world and will still feel as though they were sitting across the same table in a physical

Remote working is becoming more popular and accepted than ever before. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2015, more than 23% of the American working population were working remotely, up from 19% in 2003. PGi, the software service provider, also conducted a global survey in which 60% of people who work remotely part time said if they could, they would happily leave their current job for a full-time remote position. So, if you’re a